Digital Wallet


In short, a digital wallet is an online service, which allows you to store cash in it and make payments without using net banking. It is the most convenient and safe option for transaction purpose.Lets elaborate it little – It is the key requirement of revenue generating websites. A trusted platform, which makes transactions in the easiest way. In today’s world, where everyone prefers technology, LBM is introducing a best electronic wallet solution which ensures you better results in terms of earning in future because everyone now is having internet connection and mobile phones, so that brings a usual demand for online shopping and they can easily buy your product through transaction with digital wallets in just a few clicks, so that is time saving too. That is actually a plus point for your online business to gain more profit.

Features Of Digital Wallets

accessibility Easily Accessible

Accessible can mean easy to get to. If the mall is easily accessible, you might be tempted to spend a lot of money on your lunch breaks.

REGISTRATION Registration Feature

this feature allows getting registered in the app through the phone number or email.

bank-account bank account

you can easily integrate your bank account with the digital wallet. you can transfer funds and pay bills online.

ADD MONEY Add money

you can add money in your wallet from your integrated bank account anytime and anywhere.

SEND MONEY Send money

you can send your wallet money directly to another wallet or to another bank account as well.


you will get a receipt, that will have detailed information about each transaction of yours.