Key Features

1,00000 Transactions Per

Implement the best platform to provide higher TPS. The higher the TPS is providing the better trading experiences.

Custom User

We provide you a totally custom User interface which will be only developed for your exchange and own the rights for that user interface.

Powerful Trade Match

Meet our powerful trade engine which helps you to match real time orders and use machine learning to trade to the orders superfast.

Highly Secured

The exchange developed by us is protected with highly secure firewalls.


We develop an exchange with additional security layers- SSL implementation, two-factor authentication. It assures a limit for fund withdrawals, fraud prevention, secure login, and encrypted user access.


We use Our Advance KYC Tools for verify user details to make sure it will help you complete your exchange due diligence with a hustle free process.

Bot-Enabled Support

Provide customer support to your customers with the bot enabled support centre which use machine learning to answer the support enquiries seamless

Referral And Reward

The implementation of a reward & referrals program enables the accurate distribution of rewards and commissions.

Mobile App For Every Devices

We Provide Mobile App For IOS & Android

Enjoy Trading From One Screen


Additional Exchange features


Trading Features

Interface features

Other features

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Security Measurement Meet
Our Safe-guard system Of Exchange

Anti-Denial Of Service (DOS)

It protects the exchange from multiple requests sent to the server.


It deters the multiple failed attempts for a specific amount of time. As a result, it avoids unusual login attempts.

HTTP Authentication

This secures HTTP authentication tokens for user approvals.

Server-Side Request Forgery Protection

It keeps the system safe and avoids attacks that are sent from pregnable web sources.

HTTP Parameter Pollution Protection

Prevent the web attacks that create HTTP getting the information.

Anti-distributed denial of service

Protects the exchange in case an unexpected amount of traffic is coming from different sources.

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Comparison Between
Centralized Vs Decentralized Vs Hybrid Exchange

Centralized Exchange

Decentralized Exchange


We Use Technologies

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As part of our core growth strategy, digital transformation is crucial. LBM's Blockchain solutions expertise has enabled us to cut costs and achieve outstanding results. With the help of LBM, we were able to design and develop a high-end mobility solution that inspired efficiency, bolstered experiences, and strengthened one-on-one relationships.
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As part of their work on various initiatives, LBM Blockchain Solutions helped us bring our vision to life. We used their services to build mobile apps for the iPhone and Android platforms. The team was professional and helped us build high-quality apps quickly. We hope to work with them on many more projects in the future.
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