Generation MLM Plan


This plan is based on profit sharing. This plan is suitable for freshers as well as experienced both. Generation Plan is normally used by Product selling companies. These product selling companies mostly require marketing for their business and spend lots of money on advertising processes. The major benefit of Generation Plan is your distributors fulfill your marketing needs.

They themselves work as marketing agents, you need not spend on marketing media. Excellent business plan, every company must work on it. To bring a proper smoothness in the features and activities covered by this plan, we designed a Generation plan software for your business. It makes your tasks easy to perform and in an accurate manner.

Benefits of Using LBM Generation MLM Plan


The Generation MLM Plan or MLM Generation Plan is a Multi-level marketing business plan based on profit sharing marketing Business. It is also called as Gap Commission Plans, Repurchase Plans in some other names. Generation Plan MLM is recognized to be the powerful MLM Plan which can be paid up to many levels deep.

  • SMS Integrations.
  • Income reports of distributors.
  • Its features include payment gateway integration.
  • online payment method can be performed by your target audience.
  • Lead capturing feature that tracks the data of visitors on your website.