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Want to start up your own MLM Business? But confused on how to run it effectively.Don’t worry. Your wait ends here.LBM – MLM software company in India. One-stop solution for all your MLM Business requirements.

There are many innovative business ideas in India, but do you know which business plan is the best amongst all?Multi-Level Marketing. The reason behind the success of this business is its unique strategy of earning which allows you to earn money even without doing much hard work. Because here you have two ways of earning. Before jumping in to our MLM software feature, first, we need to elaborate a little bit about the MLM plan.

It is a network building process and our ratio of earning only depends on the growth of this network. In the MLM business, people hire associates under them to promote the products of a particular company. Let’s suppose person A has started an association with a company as a freelancer to promote their products for sale. Now, he also hired person B under him who will work for him as a freelancer to promote the company’s products. Now, what are the benefits person A gets?

His source of income has increased because he will earn the commission of the sales generated by him for the company, as well as he can also earn some portion of the sales commission earned by his hired associate person B.

And this process will not end till the person B only. Person B will also hire associates under him, he will also earn the percentage of commissions generated by the associates under him. So, it sounds quite interesting. Because here your earning is not only depends on how much hard work you will do for promoting the products, you can simply earn some profit from your downline also. So, in that way, it is the easiest and most convenient way of earning. That is the reason maximum companies adopted this innovative approach of earning a decent amount of money. As your network increased, you have to maintain the proper records of your agents who are connected with you, like their sales numbers and their commission rates. And every detail must be maintained with accuracy. Do you think it is possible manually?

No.You will need here MLM software, which will manage all your tasks, create reminders, manage payment records and store all your associates’ details confidentially. But many companies are providing the MLM software, so you can’t trust every one. Features and functions depend on the expertise of the staff of a company.LBM solutions – we are Ludhiana based company and since 2012, we are serving our clients with our best practices, so undoubtedly we are considered as the best MLM software company in India.Our software includes all the features which are required to run a successful MLM business plan. And do you know the best part of our software?Any one can access it easily. You don’t need to learn anything about it. You can just simply customize it according to your requirement.

MLM software development company in india

Have a look –

Data Security – All the record of your customers, associates and payment are maintained with full security.

E-wallet – It is attached in the MLM software which keeps the earnings securely that is generated by your associates.

SMS integration – This feature allows you to get notified by your mobile device regarding business activities done by the users, staff or your freelance associates.

Responsive – You can use multiple devices to get access to this software.

Work reports – You will have all the detailed reports regarding incomes and expenses which allows you to get aware of the actual status of your running business.

Promotional Tools – This tool helps you to generate good leads by sharing your business links to social networking sites.

Payment Gateway – The most necessary feature, which allows you to perform transactions online without any hassle.

Network Tree View – It shows the exact structure of your MLM business with a tree like view which helps you increase your understanding level.

Integrated Mail System – Helps you to transfer any useful document or information through the software effortlessly.

Lead Capturing feature – This feature tracks all the necessary details of your website traffic. Which you can use by chasing them later to covert these leads into sales.

Multi language – This feature helps you out to increase your business globally.

Multi currency – Though multiple payment options, your users can conveniently buy your service anywhere in the world.

It supports CMS, which manages the content of the website, in that way MLM software is responsible for bringing huge traffic on your site.

Chatting system – A chatting system is integrated in to the software so that you can interact with your team within the MLM platform.

Withdraw money option – Participants can easily withdraw their earnings through the software. Admin has the option to release the payment to their associates.

Android app – You can simply access the MLM software through your android app which helps you to always get notified about the new updates of work.

Hope the above mentioned features make you a clear understanding that how does MLM software works.

Let’s go a bit deeper. Below mentioned are the software brands which highest suits you in your business –

  • Infinite MLM software.
  • iMatrix.
  • MLM softworks.
  • Trinity Software.
  • Plexum.
  • Market power pro.
  • Pro MLM.
  • Multisoft Software.
  • Epixel MLM.
  • IDSTC.

These are tried and tested brands of MLM software in India. Our motive is to give you a clear picture of what you required.

For your better understanding let’s elaborate little more –

MLM has 5 common plans –

Our software has versatile features, which suits to each type of plan. You only have to choose your required plan.Actually, you only need to do is to approach an expert MLM software company in India for all your business requirements.

An expert word is used only for the company who is having enough experience in the industry and is stabled for a long time in the competitive market. LBM Solutions is what you are looking for. Our team of professionals serves you with the best solution to your business requirement. So, let us become the major reason for your success. All you required to do is a phone call and book your appointment with us. Your required service will be provided to you at your given time. Meeting deadline is our assurity because we value your time and words. Our work strategy is unique as compared to other MLM software companies in India that is the reason maximum of our clientele we get through references.

So, increase your success through us.And don’t trust just our words, simply check our testimonials and see what our clients say about us.