Unilevel MLM Plan


Unilevel Plan is easy concepts to another plan in MLm industry. Its is simple to convey and compare to other mlm plan. In this plan one person can sponsor as many distributor as they like and they need to place all of them on their frontline.

Mainly three types of compensations in Unilevel plan. Sponsor Bonus, fast start bonus and level commissions. Main motive of unilevl plan of this to add as much as members you can in one line and make this plan more attractive and interesting and get some incentives, bonuses at a completion of a particular level.

Benefits of Selecting LBM solutions Unilevel MLM Plan

  • Member overview
  • Secure E-Wallet
  • KYC Management
  • Quantity Adjustments
  • Manage PV/BV For Products
  • Tree View (unilevel Plan)
  • Welcome Letter Customer can view
  • Download/Print Welcome Letter
  • User Side Profile details like kyc bank information
  • Level commissions add to the profitability figures
  • Easily described to any new member in the MLM field
  • Purchases (line) and current stock value by cost and price (pie).
  • sms automation
  • Reports Complete
  • Complete Inventory
  • Clean & Classic Dashboard
  • Members/Client Details
  • Profit and/or Loss Report


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