Server Security

Server security indicates the process of protection of data from hackers on the servers through different tools and techniques.

A web server often consists of confidential data and information, which has to be secured to avoid any kind of harm. As it is very common amongst cyber criminals to hack the server. So here we need an optimum solution for server security purposes.

So better is to adapt adequate methods of server security, to avoid any kind of harm to your server.

It comprises tools and techniques that help prevent intrusions, hacking and other malicious actions. Server security measures vary and are typically implemented in layers.


Benefits of server security


protects server

It protects your server from hackers!


data security

Secure your wireless network at your home or business.!


protects data

Protects your server, emails, and files..!


save information

Keeps your sensitive information on the server confidentially..!

beneficial techniques of server security


    Keeping operating systems up to date and applying security patches as they are released.Ensuring that communications are data encrypted. Completing regular system backups. Keeping operating systems up to date and applying security patches as they are released.

  • Use firewalls.
  • Disable the unused services.
  • Use SSL (HTTPS) to secure your server.
  • Avoid putting your personal info as your password.
  • Consider using POST rather than GET to submit data.
  • Always use private networks for internal server traffic.
  • Daily updation of OS and control panel is necessary.
  • Avoid using public computers to work on any confidential data.