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MLM : Multi Level Marketing

MLM Software is a Multi Level Marketing Tool. But first of all, we need to know what does Multi Level Marketing means.This concept is designed to strengthen the Network Building for our business. The more we expand our network, the more we have higher chances to achieve maximum profit. But how to achieve maximum profit in business, we all have this question in our mind. As there are many techniques, one of them is Multi Level Marketing. The biggest benefit of this concept is we can globalize and expand our business. Let maximum people know about a business is the key factor for any company to grow and generate maximum profit. Through Multi Level Marketing we build a networking chain through which we can earn a continuous profit with a simple procedure.

Let’s say I joined a company which sells beauty products online, I recruit an associate under me. So the source of my earning will be more than one, Let me explain how. I will obviously earn through the sales generated by me (this will be my first source) but I will also earn some portion of sales income which is generated by the other associate also which was recruited by me.

This excellent business strategy first introduced by Mr JR Watkins, he started Medical company and increased his sales by associating with multiple distributors.

Two Common Types Of MLM : Multi level marketing
Binary Plan

A Binary Plan is a systematic organizational structure that is established by Multilevel Marketing (MLM) companies and is the most popular marketing compensation plan. It is quite popular among companies, part-time professionals, network marketers, and all the other members who wish to set up an MLM business.

Unilevel plan

This arrangement allows you to construct a constrained width association. If there is a 1 X 12 group that means one individual on the first level pays 12 levels profound. However, in MLM Matrix Plan it is not the case and one can add infinite members in the first level and thus, the width increases. This is exceptionally straightforward and simple.

Benefits of Using Our MLM Software :Multi Level Marketing

After building a huge network chain of referrals, we can’t manage every sales profit, payouts, our network status and our referrals manually. Here comes the Multi Level Software role, this technology allows you to manage all the things anywhere in the world to generate maximum profit in an easy way

  • It helps to maintain accuracy in calculations, which we can’t perform manually.
  • Maintains proper speed in processing transactions.
  • Calculations which are not easy to perform for humans, this software solves all types of tricky and multiple calculation queries.
  • MLM Software supports a CMS which manages the online content of your website, which leads to generating more traffic in a short time
  • It allows us to maintain our data of accounts, customers, distributors and other associates in a protected way.
  • For payment related concerns, MLM software provides multiple payment gateway options so that your sales can be increased all over the world which are having different payment methods.
  • MLM Software has the Lead capturing feature and it works in an excellent way. When your target audience visits your website, this feature captures the data and all the useful details of customers, which later can be used for lead generation of your company.
  • Last but not least, the online mode of training. In this digital world, everything is possible online. So when we recruit candidates under us, we have to provide the proper training regarding works and everything. We can’t move person to person to connect with them, as it is time wasting method. Through MLM software, you can easily connect with the people at your place. So in that way, it is time-saving too.
Block Chain Solutions

Tired of time –taking methods of transactions? Want to get rid of extra charges while performing it?Then blockchain is the right opportunity for you.We are specialized in developing this newly launched technology.

It is the platform for performing transactions in the safest way. Data can be transferred without any need of a medium and stores in the form of Blocks. It is like same transaction ledger and performs and record Digital Transactions for crypto currencies such as Bitcoin.

Connect your business with blockchain and experience the tremendous experience of transactions.Blockchain works in a transparent manner but it is the safest technology in the concern of Data security. In short, it is difficult to hack.

Three Pillars Of Blockchain Technology

Before Bitcoin and BitTorrent came along, we were more used to centralized services. The idea is very simple. You have a centralized entity which stored all the data and you’d have to interact solely with this entity to get whatever information you required.


One of the most interesting and misunderstood concepts in the blockchain technology is “transparency.” Some people say that blockchain gives you privacy while some say that it is transparent.So,while the person’s real identity is secure, you will still see all the transactions.


In the context of the blockchain, means that once something has been entered into the blockchain, it cannot be tampered with.Imagine how many embezzlement cases can be nipped in the bud if people know that they can’t “work the books” and fiddle around with company accounts.

Benefits of Our Blockchain Solutions Technology:
  • Transparency in process.
  • Data security.
  • Faster than traditional methods.
  • Fewer transaction charges.
Recharge Softwares

LBM solutions is the complete package for all your needs. We provide an extensive range of Recharge software that allows you to start recharge business and run it successfully. Our package involves B2C Applications, recharge portal, multi recharge software and much more.

Benefits of Selecting LBM MLM Rechare Software
  • Money Transfer – you can use the money transfer feature in the recharge software to generate more profit.
  • Our Recharge software includes all types of recharge like DTH, Data, calls, bill payments etc.
  • Integrated with B2C platforms like Paytm and freecharge.
  • Virtual Transfer – now transfer your wallet amount to anyone In the world.
  • You can create multiple accounts.
  • Data backup facility.
  • Get respond from the customer through HTTP.
E-Commerce Softwares

We all must aware about the online shopping process, as it is a common concept amongst all. We all know how to purchase a product, but do you know what is in the behind of this e commerce business?

E commerce software, it handles all the basic functions of an online store from taking an order to manage your payments. Every single aspect is managed by this software.

These long processes are managed and simplify by this software which in result gives a worthful output for your online business.

Working of E-commerce Software
Manage Customers And Orders

Managing a customer’s order from product selection,to payment,to checkout and delivery is vital.

Manage Products And Inventory

You get product specifics from SKUs and variations (size, color, quantity) to names and images, allowing you to organize and catalog items.

Simplify Marketing

Built-in SEO and easy optimization allow online stores to rank higher in organic search engines for increased online discovery.

Automates Shipping And Taxes

Printing shipping labels, calculating sales taxes based on customer location, and sending notification emails to customers can be done automatically and more accurately.

Enhance Customer Experience

E-commerce software is meant to enable customers quickly and efficiently find what they need in your store.

Let’s Discuss E-commerce Software uses and benefits:
  • Makes your online presence visible through its SEO feature which enables your website to rank on top on a google search which leads to revenue generation for you later on.
  • Calculate the taxes as per sale is generated according to customer location which makes ease to the staff.
  • It manages your order from start to end by checking order status, which is a crucial task of all online store business. In that way, it is helpful in fulfilling customer needs and increases their overall experience.
  • Overall, it is the complete package of e commerce solution which provides the user interface for managing payment gateways and user management.
Marketing Automation

We all practice marketing strategies for generating profit in business. As strategies are many, but for that, efficient manpower is required which will manage all our marketing campaigns and participate in online or offline marketing. This is time wasting and hectic methods and money wasting too. Business owners hire professionals for marketing purpose on a salary basis. By using marketing automation software, your overall marketing expense will reduce. You will spend less and get more.

It creates a marketing campaign to reach your target audience through mails, chats or social media and no one’s effort is needed for this purpose. This software automatically sent messages to customers according to the workflows.

This software decreases manual efforts and their errors.

Benefits of LBM Solutions's Marketing Automation:
  • Helps in lead generation (which is the backbone of any business).
  • Saves your time and energy that let you focus on other essential things of a business to run.
  • Creates attractive and relevant contents or the messages according to per customer behavior and profile.
  • Generate and increase revenue for your business in an easier way by continuously updating the target customers regarding your product and services.
  • Does follow ups also which in result improves customer service.
  • Boost profit by customers through up-sells and cross sells strategy.
  • Shows you its proper working report for your better understanding that where your business stands in the market.
Travel Portals

Everyone wants an easy source for their needs. Travel portal software provides an online platform through that customers can book tickets online. Its GDS feature shows all the details such as price, seat availability and time and also view some images of hotels and locations so that customer must know where are they going to. If every single thing can be done online on your website, so there will be a great chance that your customers’ list will be increased.

The Travel industry is increasing rapidly this time. We are having one stop shop solutions for all your travel business needs whether it is regarding flight booking, car rental, hotel booking or managing accommodations for customers and provides an online platform for B2B and B2C sales. It helps you to manage your online visibility on the web.

Feature Of Travel Portal Software:
Flight Ticket Booking
Hotel Booking
Car Booking
Holiday Packages
Benefits of Selecting LBM Travel Portal Software
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Generate revenue.
  • Data will be protected.
  • Multiple payment gateways so that maximum people of different regions can book online.
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