A Man Made $1 Million By Just Playing These Games: Check out!

Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity is referred to as one of the best NFT games. It dabbles the concept of Pokémon where players breed and trade NFT digital pets called “Axies” in the world of Lunacia.

Gods Unchained

Players who love collectible card games will feel right at home when playing “Gods Unchained.” The cards in Gods Unchained have a close resemblance to the Ethereum-based game.


Sorare is another Ethereum-based game that raised over $680 million for its fantasy football gameplay which allows users to collect digital collectibles

The Sandbox

“The Sandbox” is one of the other NFT games that offer a customizable voxel-based game that allows players to create and monetize their own unique gaming experiences.

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