For 10X Returns in 2023, Follow These 5 Crypto Trends That No One Will Tell

Investing in AI - After ChatGPT attracted a lot of attention, big tech companies have jumped into the AI market, causing AI Crypto tokens to surge in price.

Liquid Staking Derivatives - The Shanghai network update of ETH has attracted a lot of interest from DeFI users and made LSD a trend.

ZK-related protocols are currently trending, and Polygon's debut of zkEVM is eagerly anticipated.

Perp DEXs - Decentralized perpetual exchanges have been performing well. In this traders can trade directly with each other without having to use an intermediary.

Decentralized Stablecoins do not have a central authority backing them. SEC's attack on BUSD raises questions about centralized stablecoins.

Crypto tokens are getting immense popularity nowadays, especially those related to AI, create your AI token with a Crypto token development company and go with the trend.