Is Crypto the world's biggest Scam?

Do you think Crypto is a Scam?

Well, it is not- all you need is protection and adequate knowledge. 

1. Be suspicious of social media posts

Social media is the most profitable method used by scammers than any other method of reaching people.

2. Ignore random DMs.

If you get a random direct message (“DM”) from a stranger

who is trying to pitch you a crypto investment “opportunity”, it’s a scam.

3. Make sure the website address is correct

When visiting a crypto-related website, always double-check the website’s address (“URL”) before entering your information.

4. Do your own research

If you’re unfamiliar with a cryptocurrency and don’t know what makes it unique, do your homework first!


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5. Never share your wallet’s seed phrase.

It's illegal to ask for your seed phrase, to participate in an investment opportunity, or to "restore" or "load" your crypto wallet.

In case you have recently developed your crypto token

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