Is your Binance or Wazirx account active? You surely need to know this

Binance and Wazirx had a close relationship in the past

The company's subsidiary Wazirx has been operating since Binance exchange acquired it in 2019.

Case against Wazirx

Foreign users are now allowed to use the platform and send outward remittances of Rs 2790 crore to unknown wallets.

Accounts frozen

An investigation was conducted by Ed on one of Wazirx's directors and bank accounts worth 64.67 crores were frozen.

The accusation war

Both Wazirx and Binance are engaged in an accusation war following the latest case. Each blames the others regarding misinformation about the acquisition deal.

Are your coins and trade safe?

The allegations do not have any effect, you can fearlessly trade on both platforms.

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