Become a millionaire in less time - Start your own crypto Exchange like Wazirx

To build an exchange platform like WazirX, you need to have a WazirX clone script that portrays all the features of the exchange.

A Matching Engine is the core mechanic of a digital exchange that matches up bids and offers to execute trades.

Powerful matching engine

A multi-layered security infrastructure model can enable cloud providers with the power to tailor a security framework.

Multi-layer security

KYC verification is a crucial process for businesses, involving the collection & verification of KYC data. KYC reduces fraud & ensures AML/TF compliance.

Instant KYC and AML verification

The escrow smart contract safely holds onto the funds until each condition is complete, no one can access the funds until then, and therefore.

Smart contract-based escrow system

While some traders specialize in contrarian plays, most traders prefer and recommend trading intraday with the trend.

Preferred trader selection


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