Stylish Fashion Powerhouse Lacoste Registers Five Metaverse-compatible Trademarks

Popular fashion company Lacoste has furthered its outreach into the metaverse by filing applications for related trademarks for its new Champs-Elysees line of apparel, jewelry, and luggage.

The trademark filings cover NFTs, crypto transaction software, virtual clothing, footwear, eyewear, sports gear, stores for virtual goods, and more.

Notably, the fashion industry’s love affair with blockchain, the technology underlying the metaverse and cryptocurrencies, has quite a history.

Major companies across other industries are jumping on the crypto trademarking bandwagon themselves, including payment giant Visa, motor racing company Formula One, and more.

So is it like the metaverse is going to take everything on its way? Well, Contact a metaverse development company now to know the pros.

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