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LBM Blockchains Solutions is a delegated Metaverse development company and service provider globally that specializes in delivering high-quality metaverse eCommerce stores, metaverse game development, metaverse real estate services solution, and more.

Metaverse: Your Next Generation Of Reality !

Metaverse allows you to create realistic simulations within educational platforms and interactive social spaces. It is one of the best ways to boost your brand’s presence now and in the future. This includes games like Roblox, Fortnite and Meta Horizon worlds.

As per Grand View Research

Metaverse Market is expected to create a business of

$936.6 BillionBy 2030

Let LBM Solution help you capitalize on this growth opportunity.

Benefits Of Our Metaverse Platform
Development Services

virtual reality

Build Virtual Presence

Businesses can eliminate the need for physical presence by investing in metaverse platform development.


Virtual Communication

Platforms that provide a metaverse ecosystem allow users to experience innovative virtual communication.


Virtual Experience

Be it an e-commerce store or a workspace; users can experience and visualize products like in the real world.


High ROI

Businesses can increase their reach and generate high ROI by using metaverse platforms to build their virtual presence.


Virtual Environment

The metaverse provides a virtual environment in which users can interact with other users around the world.


No Border Barriers

Even your craziest dreams can become a reality in Metaverse, a virtual world that understands no borders or limitations.

Our Ample Range Of Metaverse
Development Services

"Take control of your future. Join us and unlock your full potential today!"

Developing Metaverse
Software With Enhancing Traits

Here is a list of security APIs we develop and deploy for specific business needs.


Blockchain Integration

Blockchain is directly integrated into our platform, making it a secure platform with no information lost or added.


Data Encryption

A security feature of the software is the encryption of user information from start to finish.


Secure Login

Detecting multiple failed login attempts, our software prevents users from logging in for a while, ensuring that everything stays safe simultaneously.


HTTP Parameter Protection

You can contact us to develop metaverse applications to safeguard sensitive information from attacks triggered by HTTP requests.


Scalable to Peak

For the highest protection against breaches and hacking, we integrate SSOS, CSRF, and SSRF into our metaverse platform development.


Cross-Site Prevention

Our software does not accept multiple requests from illegitimate platforms and users.


SSRF Protection

Our metaverse software is protected against attacks from external and internal networks.


DDoS Protection

Providing software to protect the overwhelming amount of traffic from multiple sources is part of our role as a metaverse development platform company.

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Development

Metaverse NFT Marketplace Script is developed and deployed by our team of NFT Experts bearing advanced features and attributes tailored to various business models, including gaming, arts, and music. Anybody can launch a Metaverse NFT Marketplace with it. In building Metaverse NFT Marketplace, we use Solana, Polygon, EOS, BSC, and more blockchain networks based on your business requirements.












NFT Marketplace Development Process in the Metaverse

Here are some of the development measures we enclose in creating Metaverse NFT Marketplace.

Game Platform Development for
the Metaverse

A gaming metaverse with specific gaming attributes will help us uncover the future gaming world. Video game developers at LBM Blockchain Solutions are skilled at developing blockchain-based games with Metaverse NFTs, collectibles, and gaming features. By combining Metaverse, NFTs, VR, AR, and other innovative technologies, we can create engaging role-playing games, play-to-earn games, free-to-play games, and more. In addition to earning NFTs, playing games, minting, trading, and streaming live games, our experts can build 2D and 3D virtual gaming spaces.

2D Virtual Game Development

With 2D virtual gaming effects & features, we develop the Metaverse gaming platform.

3D Virtual Game Development

To attract players, we specialize in developing a virtualized 3D gaming environment.


Role Play & Play-To-Earn Game

With advanced plugins, we develop role-playing games based on the NFT Metaverse.

Metaverse App Development

You can rule the future world by creating your Metaverse app. We have Metaverse experts who can develop the next-generation metaverse software to help anyone launch their Metaverse application. Here are the typical steps we follow when designing a metaverse app based on a business requirement. Features and plugins can vary depending on the business requirements.

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Aspects of Metaverse Development
We Adopt



NFT technology enables digital assets to be identified and transferred between people and metaverse platforms. Avatars, objects, skills, and other elements of the Metaverse are built with NFTs.


3D Technologies

Because Metaverse is a virtual world that is more interactive, we use 3D technologies to scan real-world objects and turn them into 3D models for Metaverse.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using powerful artificial intelligence, we enable users to interact with Metaverse using Amazon Alexa, Google Now, and more.

5G Mobile Communication

5G Mobile Communication

A super fast internet connection is required for the Metaverse and its related apps, which can only be achieved with 5G. Users can transfer vast amounts of data with high resolution through our 5G mobile network.

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Mixed/Extended Reality (MX/XR)

Using our smart glasses, which use augmented reality, our experts can create devices that make it possible to create a mixed and extended reality that makes the virtual world's elements appear natural.

Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing

We adopt distributed computation & storage to achieve this enormous amount of computing power in every Metaverse.


Blockchain We Work


Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for development can range from a few weeks to several months

Metaverses are virtual universes where people can access digital avatars that allow them to “live” in them.

Several technologies are incorporated into the Metaverse, including software, hardware, and AR/VR/MR, as well as unique audio and geospatial capabilities. It is not a new concept.

Modern AR and VR web-based apps are developed in JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to create blockchain-based digital products or for coding virtual reality games.

Using Metaverse, users can take physical objects and transform them into virtual objects in the virtual world. Metaverse will also make virtual objects available in the real world.