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Our Smart Contract Development Services

LBM Solutions is a leading smart contract development company that offers advanced services
to help enterprises automate their business processes.

Smart Contract

The application development team follows resilient smart contract architecture practices to ensure the quality of our code.

Smart Contract

It’s hard to find a more creative team than the one at LBM Solutions, where we’re constantly coming up with new ways for our client’s industries and goals.

Smart Contract

To help businesses fix any errors in their smart contracts, we offer meticulous audit services that involve going through the code line by line.

Smart Contract Optimization

We have the expertise to develop smart contracts with optimizations that not only reduce your average fee but also require fewer computational resources.

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Smart Contract Development Services:
Why Your Business Need Them?

A company may need a smart contract application to streamline and automate business processes. For example, a business may need to track the fulfillment of orders or manage the distribution of payments.


Smart contracts are a way to eliminate the need for third-party involvement by making agreements between two parties.

Real-Time Execution

Smart contracts are executed simultaneously across participating computers once the required criteria are satisfied.


The contract's information is visible to all participants in the blockchain network, thereby fostering an environment of trust.


The security of the distributed ledger is invulnerable to alterations, thus enhancing its impenetrability.


Error-free workflows are a thing of the past with automated record keeping, storage, and retrieval.

Financial Saving

The rise of automation has led to the redundancy of human functions, reducing risks and costs.

Blockchain solutions

We Don't Ask For Private Key

Industries We Serve

Throughout the past few years, LBM Solutions has served global clientele from diverse industry verticals through its smart contract development service. Smart contracts are a powerful tool for many applications across many industries.

Supply Chain

Finance & Banking

Health Care

Real Estate


Government Departments

Travel and Tourism

Development of smart contracts on a
variety of blockchain platforms

Our Specializations

Crowdsale/Token Contract

Before delivering your platform, we test it on different platforms, protocols, and tools to ensure that it is 100% secure.

Custom Smart Contract

In addition to designing, developing, and auditing complex smart contracts, our team also makes sure they meet various industry norms and are easy to implement.

Blockchain wallet and Dapps

To safeguard your wallet and Dapps from hackers, our blockchain and cyber-security team assesses them against all cybersecurity norms.

blockchain protocol

The blockchain confirming configuration & consensus algorithm ensures security and correct implementations in one place.

A Variety Of
Benefits For Customers

Mistakes Are No Longer An Issue

Early testing of smart contracts leaves a marketplace and solutions free of errors.

Untraceable And Difficult To Attack

As part of our testing management process, we take precautions to ensure the safety of our platforms and reduce the possibility of hacking.

Performing Automatic Security Scans

Keeping systems updated and malware-free requires automatic security systems.

Review By Experts

Your contract details and content is reviewed by experts, so errors and omissions are eliminated.

An In Depth Analysis Report

Your customers can trust your platform and make decisions based on reports that you check and analyze in advance


In the event of loss or duplication of data, blockchain allows you to restore your original documents and data.

Services We Offer
For DeFi Smart Contract Audits

Defi Real Estate Plateform Develoment With blockchain technology, we revolutionized the real estate industry and simplified the process of offering exclusive fractional ownerships.
DeFi DApp Development Embrace the benefits of a secure, decentralized platform embedded with a myriad of user-friendly features to minimize the risk of central authority and cyber attacks.
DeFi Exchange Development Our solution provides high security and long-term liquidity trading for crypto enthusiasts so you can handle the massive demand for Defi exchanges.
Non Fungible Development For platforms with huge trading volumes, our Non-Fungible token development services are a perfect fit.
DeFi Marketing Services Defi's marketing services will help you gain a stronghold in the ecosystem. From drafting white papers to producing video content, we offer comprehensive DeFi marketing services.
DeFi Tokenization Development Designed to provide users with the best tokens in the industry, such as ERC20, ERC720, and ERC-223, you can also set your own rules on your platform so they can covenant their assets to the most profitable assets
Derivative Over DeFi Plateform In order to maximize potential earnings, we provide seamless access to derivatives. Platforms' risk can be reduced by building a hedge on them.
DeFi Smart Contract Consulting Among the components of the NFT marketplace's growth is its streamlined DeFi smart contract creation process. This ensures a 100% secure transaction completion in a matter of seconds.
DeFi Wallet Development Embrace the benefits of a secure, decentralized platform embedded with a myriad of user-friendly features to minimize the risk of central authority and cyber attacks.
DeFi ICO Development Token creation, community management, and market analysis are a few of the services we offer for ICO development.
Decentralized Fund Management With our smart control system and tailor-made decentralized fund management solution, you can manage high-performance assets.
DeFi Insurance System Development With our smart control system and tailor-made decentralized fund management solution, you can manage high-performance assets
DeFi Lottery System Development Due to our blockchain expertise, we have developed a lottery system that ensures your participants can enjoy the fullest and earn the most.
Decentralized Crypto Banking Using a decentralized platform, we offer hassle-free money receiving and transfer services. All modules are included in our market-ready solution.
Market -Making Consulting We take the utmost care to understand your market reach and the algorithms required to reach your target audience.

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Creating A DeFi
Smart Contract: A Pathway

LBM Blockchain Solutions specializes in creating blockchain-enabled smart contracts that are efficient, hack-proof, and easy to amend. As part of its development services, LBM develops, tests, and implements smart contract logic. It ensures cyber resilience by reducing gas consumption in its smart contracts.


To keep our customers informed, our team conducted in-depth market research and understood the purpose of creating a smart contract.​

Design & Develop​

DeFi smart contracts are built on the solidity of programming platforms once our team understands your business needs​

Testing & Auditing

We test smart contracts simultaneously at different stages of their development. Our experts never give up until all the bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed.


We strive to launch the platform within the specified timeframe once our testing and project manager have cleared all suspects on the platform.

We Develop Smart
Contracts According To Our Process

Our smart contracts development roadmap will guide you through the development process

Investigating the Needs

Understand enterprise needs
Choose the firm logic to be infused
Design the roadmap

Rolling With The Development

Enforce the proposed smart contract solution
Customer evaluation and feedback
Meet the smart contract development

Constructing the Technical Design

Make a document illustrating the smart contract
Data flow diagram creation
Plan technical architecture

Deployment And Testing

Testnet deployment
Smart contract deployment on the Paramount network
Prioritize the backlog

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose LBM Solutions as your smart contract development company:

Frequently Asked Questions

Using C#, contracts are wrapped in web-based front ends.
The course can be completed in two months if you put in 10 hours a week. You will learn how to design and implement smart contracts as well as how to develop decentralized applications on the blockchain.
Globally, Solidity is the most popular and stable Blockchain Programming language.
If you want to work in non-technical roles in the blockchain industry, you can learn blockchain without coding. This does not imply you need to grasp advanced maths behind cryptography or cryptology, but it implies you need to understand the various technologies that make use of blockchain.
The timeline for development can range from a few weeks to several months