Our Expert Team Will integrate all the Games to Web3 Apps  and wallets like Metamask,
Tronlink pro, trust.

Pay-to-Play Games

Or this type of game, you need first to purchase at least a gaming item, such as a character or a weapon

Play-to-Earn Games

For this type, you dont need to make kany purchase or make an initial Payment Before Starting the Gamepad.

Mining Games

You are rewarded with coins for this type of blockchain game when you complete certain tasks.

Seamless Intergrations With
Web3 Apps

Our Expert Team Will integrate all the Games to Web3 Apps and wallets like Metamask, Tronlink pro, trust wallet etc. with the integration your user can easily pay and Earn Rewards, Where the tokens and NFTs are Directly Credited To User Wallet. Users can also Use Their NFTs from the Dapps On your Platform.

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Web3 Apps Metaverse

The Game is based on lands and real estate. This is the most popular Game in the metaverse, where users can buy a piece of land in the form of NFTs. and He can Build their own city , home or building which can be used by other users. Use Their NFTs from the Dapps On your Platform.

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If you are looking to build a metaverse gaming platform and want to help develop your own world-class video game, then LBM Solutions is the right place for that! Whether it is Theme selection, NFT creation, Avatar building, or anything in between, our team of experts will provide comprehensive consulting services tailored to each client’s unique specifications. In addition, we provide strategic advice which can lead toward launching an exceptional metaverse game.

LandFi Metaverse

You can Launch your own move to earn based project, Where users Have to do some kind of physical activities and play the games like running, cycling walking etc and users can earn rewards in the form of Tokens .

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It’s no secret that the world of gaming is evolving. With advances in technology, we’re seeing more and more lifelike experiences. And one recent development is the rise of metaverse gaming. Metaverse games are virtual reality (VR) applications that allow players to interact with each other in a shared online space, known as the virtual worlds. This new genre has the potential to change the way we play games forever.

Players can earn money by playing games in a variety of ways. For example, they may be awarded prizes for reaching certain levels or completing tasks within the game. They may also be able to sell virtual assets that they have acquired within the game. In addition, some games allow players to convert their winnings into real-world currency.

First, it allows players to inhabit real-time, 3D worlds that are convincingly lifelike. Second, metaverse games provide a sense of presence and community that traditional gamers often crave. In-game interactions with other players will be more natural and fulfilling as an experience to the gamers.

Metaverse gaming is the future of online gaming. It refers to a virtual world that players can explore and interact with. The benefits of metaverse gaming are numerous. For one, it allows gamers to be immersed in a completely customizable and interactive world. They can choose to play as themselves or create an alter ego, and engage with other players in a variety of ways. There are no limits to what you can do or where you can go in a metaverse – the sky is literally the limit.

The timeline for development can range from a few weeks to several months