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Our comprehensive smart contract development services encompass the entire process, from defining variables to coding, testing, and deployment. Leveraging expertise in diverse programming languages, we empower enterprises to automate operations, streamline workflows, and curtail operational expenses through efficient smart contract solutions tailored to their needs.

Customized Smart Contract Solutions
for Unique
Business Demands

LBM Solutions stands ready to elevate enterprise workflows and introduce groundbreaking smart contract solutions tailored to your specific requirements. As a leading smart contract development company, we prioritize adaptability, ensuring our services seamlessly integrate with your business processes and objectives. As traditional contracts reveal limitations, Smart Contracts emerge as transformative tools, reshaping operations with trust, security, and transparency. Rooted in Blockchain technology, Smart Contracts revolutionize the contractual landscape, translating intricate business logic into self-executing code. These digital contracts automate, verify, and enforce agreement terms, obviating intermediaries.

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Building the Future With Blockchain smart contracts!

Smart contracts, representing self-executing protocols governed by predefined terms, are poised to revolutionize numerous sectors, including real estate, supply chain, telecom, manufacturing, healthcare, and more. At LBM Solutions, our extensive experience in smart contract development and Token Development ensures that tailored solutions are perfectly aligned with diverse industries and business models. Empowered by adept smart contract developers, we craft cutting-edge protocols that automate business agreements, redefine digital interactions, and foster trust networks for secure and seamless transactions. Through our Smart Contract consulting services, businesses gain the ability to recalibrate operations, ensuring transactions are founded on trust, thus reshaping the landscape of secure and reliable transactions in the digital era.

Our Smart Contract Development Services

We specialize in creating robust smart contract solutions tailored for enterprises spanning various industries. For companies seeking expert guidance, we bridge the knowledge divide, ensuring seamless and innovative project execution.

Smart Contract Architecture

Initiate your smart contract journey with us. We craft a strategy for smart contract implementation, identify the business logic, and engineer a scalable and efficient architectural blueprint

Smart Contract Development

We offer bespoke smart contract solutions. Our support spans the entire development process from inception to deployment and management, enabling deployment on any compatible blockchain network.

Smart Contract

Our adept smart contract developers dissect your current solution, optimizing for seamless and cost-effective operations. By scrutinizing the contract’s codebase, we identify vulnerabilities and strategize improvements.

Smart Contract Optimization

Enhance the efficiency of decentralized applications with LBM Solutions’ Smart Contract optimization. We navigate the intricate Blockchain terrain, ensuring optimal functionality for your decentralized applications.

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Why Smart Contract Optimization is Essential for Your Business

LBM Solutions presents comprehensive smart contract development services, offering businesses reduced costs, streamlined processes, and accelerated contract deployment. We enable businesses to leverage the vast potential of smart contracts, automating operations and delivering enhanced capabilities.


Smart contracts facilitate direct agreements between parties, bypassing the need for intermediaries or third-party intervention in the contractual process.

Real-time execution

Smart contracts trigger simultaneous execution across multiple computers upon fulfilling the specified criteria, ensuring swift and synchronized processing.


Smart contracts ensure transparent terms visible to all blockchain participants, promoting trust through immutability. This guarantees credibility and prevents challenges to the contract terms post-deployment.


Smart contracts, rooted in blockchain tech, ensure robust security via cryptographic encryption. Upon execution, data is securely stored in a fixed manner, significantly reducing unauthorized breaches.


Traditional contracts are prone to human errors, leading to disputes. Smart contracts, being codebased, execute precisely as programmed, reducing the risk of errors and misinterpretations.

Financial saving

Smart contracts pave the way for cost efficiencies by eliminating intermediaries and leveraging automated processes. Businesses can cut down expenses linked to manual contract management, verification, and enforcement.

What Makes LBM the Leading Smart
Development Company?

LBM Solutions stands as a leading smart contract development firm, offering state-of-the-art services for seamless business automation. With expertise in crafting customized smart contracts on Ethereum and providing comprehensive guidance, we pave a clear path for your blockchain-based smart contract endeavors.

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Industries We Serve Blockchain Smart
Contract Development

Smart contracts, owing to their autonomous functionality, hold immense significance across diverse industries. LBM, renowned for years as a trusted, smart contract development company, has catered to global clients spanning various business domains, leveraging this technology’s potential across multiple applications.

Supply Chain

Finance & Banking

Health Care

Real Estate


Government Departments

Travel and Tourism

Developing Smart Contracts For You On
Different Blockchain Platforms

LBM Solutions, a multifaceted smart contract development firm, extends the transformative advantages of smart contracts to businesses operating across diverse industries.

Our Specializations

Experience a transformative journey toward business excellence with our adaptable specializations tailored for Smart Contract development.

Crowdsale/Token Contract

Before delivering your platform, we test it on different platforms, protocols, and tools to ensure that it is 100% secure.

Custom Smart Contract

In addition to designing, developing, and auditing complex smart contracts, our team also makes sure they meet various industry norms and are easy to implement.

Blockchain wallet and Dapps

To safeguard your wallet and Dapps from hackers, our blockchain and cyber-security team assesses them against all cybersecurity norms.

blockchain protocol

The blockchain confirming configuration & consensus algorithm ensures security and correct implementations in one place.

The Impactful Benefits of Smart Contracts
Application Development

Error-Free Smart Contracts

Rigorous testing ensures flawless intelligent contracts, ensuring a faultless platform for marketplace solutions.

Robust Security Measures

Our testing protocols fortify platforms against attacks, prioritizing safety and thwarting potential hacking vulnerabilities.

Automated Security Checks

Regular system updates and malware prevention are assured through automated security protocols.

Data Recovery Backup

Blockchain facilitates data restoration, safeguarding against loss or duplication in critical scenarios.

Review By Experts

Your contract details and content is reviewed by experts, so errors and omissions are eliminated.

Expert Contract Review

Experts meticulously review contract details, eradicating errors and ensuring comprehensive content accuracy.

Comprehensive Analysis Reports

Advanced analyses provide trustworthy data, empowering informed decisions for both you and your customers.

Services We Offer For DeFi
Smart Contract Audits

Defi Real Estate Platform Development We provide robust smart contract development solutions for the real estate sector, optimizing management operations and enhancing transparency in sales processes for seamless business facilitation.
Defi DApp Development We specialise in empowering functional and reliable decentralised applications (dApps) and smart contracts, emphasising high scalability to accommodate the needs of emerging applications.
Defi Exchange Development We specialise in crafting smart contracts tailored for decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring automated processes and careful contract management while prioritising the security of your confidential data.
Non Fungible Development For platforms with huge trading volumes, our Non-Fungible token development services are a perfect fit.
DeFi Marketing Services Defi's marketing services will help you gain a stronghold in the ecosystem. From drafting white papers to producing video content, we offer comprehensive DeFi marketing services.
DeFi Tokenization Development Designed to provide users with the best tokens in the industry, such as ERC20, ERC720, and ERC-223, you can also set your own rules on your platform so they can covenant their assets to the most profitable assets
Derivative Over DeFi Plateform In order to maximize potential earnings, we provide seamless access to derivatives. Platforms' risk can be reduced by building a hedge on them.
Defi Smart Contract Consulting Our team of blockchain consultants serves as the foremost experts in unleashing the complete potential of digital contracts. Offering valuable insights into architecture design, we recommend the optimal blockchain platform tailored to your project’s needs and aspirations.
Defi Wallet Development Safeguard your crypto wallet’s security with our smart contract development services. Benefit from our expertise to launch a highly secure crypto wallet tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements.
Defi ICO Development We specialize in crafting comprehensive DeFi ICON development solutions. Our expertise ensures seamless and secure DeFi Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launches, providing advanced functionalities and robust security measures for your project’s success.
Decentralized Fund Management With our smart control system and tailor-made decentralized fund management solution, you can manage high-performance assets.
DeFi Insurance System Development With our smart control system and tailor-made decentralized fund management solution, you can manage high-performance assets
DeFi Lottery System Development Due to our blockchain expertise, we have developed a lottery system that ensures your participants can enjoy the fullest and earn the most.
Decentralized Crypto Banking Using a decentralized platform, we offer hassle-free money receiving and transfer services. All modules are included in our market-ready solution.
Market -Making Consulting We take the utmost care to understand your market reach and the algorithms required to reach your target audience.

Take first Step towards your


Creating A DeFi
Smart Contract: A Pathway

At LBM Solutions, we prioritize your business needs and leverage proven workflows for a collaborative partnership to meet your every requirement. Our timeline for collaboration is structured as follows.


To keep our customers informed, our team conducted in-depth market research and understood the purpose of creating a smart contract.​

Design & Develop​

DeFi smart contracts are built on the solidity of programming platforms once our team understands your business needs​

Testing & Auditing

We test smart contracts simultaneously at different stages of their development. Our experts never give up until all the bugs and vulnerabilities are fixed.


We strive to launch the platform within the specified timeframe once our testing and project manager have cleared all suspects on the platform.

Our Smart Contracts
Development Process

LBM Solutions’ smart contract development encompasses an array of stages, from specific requirement gathering through design, coding, and testing to final deployment. We collaborate closely with our clients, ensuring their needs are met, and the end product aligns seamlessly with their expectations throughout the process.

Investigate the needs

Our skilled team evaluates project objectives and requirements to develop a strategic roadmap for Blockchain Smart Contracts.

Rolling with the development

Enforce the proposed smart contract solution Customer evaluation and feedback. Meet the smart contract development.

Constructing the technical design

We craft a comprehensive data flow plan, architect the solution, outline security needs, and define the development procedure deeply.

Deployment and testing

We ensure a smooth deployment of the finalized solution, guaranteeing efficient performance and security with ongoing enhancements.

What Sets LBM Solutions Apart for Smart Contract Development?

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies providing smart contract audit services typically charge fees ranging from $5,000 to $15,000, with the exact cost contingent upon the complexity of the code being evaluated. Get in touch with our experts and get a quote today.
Typically, our development timeline for a DeFi Smart contract app ranges a few months and sometimes it varies on the project requirements. However, this duration can vary based on your specific feature requirements, occasionally extending for more intricate projects.
In recent years, the emergence of advanced smart contract programming languages like Solidity, Vyper, and Yul has empowered the creation of sophisticated applications. Developers have also innovated frameworks to execute smart contract programs using traditional languages like Java, JavaScript, and C++.
Smart contracts operate on a blockchain, ensuring immutable storage of terms across a distributed database. This setup guarantees unalterable conditions and automates transactions, streamlining payments and processes for all involved parties within the network.
The timeline for development can range from a few weeks to several months