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Zomato Clone App

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The online food delivery sector is continuing to grow, with the market volume expected to hit $14 billion by 2024. This steady upsurge has prompted entrepreneurs and business owners alike towards capitalizing on this opportunity for their success in niche markets. LBM Solutions offers a comprehensive Zomato clone script that can be used as an efficient platform from which customization options become readily available!

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What is Zomato Clone Script?

Zomato Clone Script is a web-based application or software package created to replicate the functionalities of Zomato, an online food delivery, and restaurant discovery platform. This clone script enables entrepreneurs to create their own online food ordering business similar to that of Zomato, with all the essential features such as multi-restaurant listing, menus with photos and prices, advanced search filters for customers, and more. The script also offers attractive features like integrated payment gateways, an order tracking system, referral and loyalty programs, customer ratings & reviews, multiple order placing options (website, mobile apps), and more.

Our Zomato Alternative has the following
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100% Source Codes

Our premium app packages offer complete source codes to our clients. This gives them the right to edit their apps as their needs change.

Timely Delivery

We ensure that every team works to the best of their abilities to ensure that our clients receive the right product on time.

App Rejection Support

We strive to analyze, fix problems, and resubmit the app if it is rejected by the app stores for any

Web & Mobile Apps

Our on-demand app business offers web applications and Android and iOS apps to ensure we can reach a wide audience.

Free API Integration

Our support includes integrating third-party APIs into the app if our clients need any additional functionality.

Free Bug Support

After the app is launched, we offer our clients free technical support for a limited time following its

White label Solutions

We provide white-label products, allowing our clients to rebrand their name, logo, and color scheme, thus making them sole

App Submission Support

Assisting our clients in launching mobile apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store is part of what we do for

Free Server Installation

In addition to app development services, we also offer free server implementation. Clients can choose their server, and we will install the app.

We use a robust tech stack to power our Zomato
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Frequently Asked Questions

The timeline for development can range from a few weeks to several months

A Zomato clone app is a digital platform that replicates the features and functionality of the original Zomato app. It provides customers with a wide variety of restaurant information, such as reviews, ratings, menus, and photos from various dining locations.

App cloning is a process that allows developers to create a replica of an existing mobile application. It involves the duplication of all aspects of an app’s code and design, including its features, functionalities, user interface, and much more. This process enables developers to quickly develop a new application without having to start from scratch.

App cloning is carried out by using a combination of techniques such as reverse engineering and code refactoring. The first step in the process is to analyze the source code of the original app and identify key components that need to be duplicated for the cloned version to function correctly. Then, the code is ported over into a new environment where it can be tested and modified accordingly. Depending on the complexity of the app, this entire process typically takes several weeks or months to complete.

Cloning an app is a complex matter and whether it is legal or not depends on the specific circumstances. Generally speaking, in most countries, cloning an existing app is illegal if the copied version of the app contains elements that are protected by copyright law or by other intellectual property laws. For example, if the cloned app uses any software code, images, logos, or trade names taken from the original app without permission then it would be considered copyright infringement and thus illegal.