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ICO Token Development : A Detailed Guide | LBM solutions

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In fact, there was a point where everyone was either launching their own ICO Token Development services or participating in it

The year 2021 saw a lot of buzz in the financial sector mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and people searching for new ways to make money while being forced to stay at home. This phenomenon ultimately affected the Blockchain Industry by manifolds. In fact, there was a point where everyone was either launching their own ICO Token Development Services In India or participating in it. The total funds raised nearly crossed the $5 billion mark by the end of 2021.

Thus, if you have reached this part of the internet, it is most likely that you are thinking about starting your own ICO Token Development Services In India. As per the projects like ‘Useless Ethereum Token’ which was most likely created by an individual in a short period of time, it was able to raise nearly $2 million in contribution. This proves that your future project will require a considerable time period along with a dedicated team of developers to gain the required amount of funds.

Disclaimer: Before proceeding further into the article, you must get familiar with the fact that ICO Development from scratch is expensive. The average cost of such a large-scale campaign is around $60,000, however, this figure may vary as per the project’s complexity and goals. 

Furthermore, an ICO Development campaign is labor-intensive and time-consuming. Usually, the pre-public engagement stage (operations carried out before the first major announcement) takes nearly about 6 months to 1 year. It is followed by the post-public engagement stage (operations carried out after the first major announcement during the actual token circulation) which generally takes 3 months. This interval of time is more than enough to get the audience’s attention and make people remember this project within a short period. ICO Token Development Services In India

Overview of ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICO is the short abbreviation for ‘Initial Coin Offering’ which is a mechanism to raise funds for a new project and business startup. It is a fundraising method to create a new crypto token by issuing ICO Tokens to the audience. Someone investing in a new ICO Token Development Services project can hope for the company to become successful, causing the demand for increased token value and getting good ROI (Return On Investment).

Overview of ICO Development

One of the best ideas to start a business is ICO. It helps to elevate the initial fundraising for opportunities based on cryptocurrency. ICO is quite similar to IPO (Initial Public Offering) in which the investor purchases organizational shares with regular crypto projects by buying newfound tokens over legal tenders. You can say ICO is a type of mechanism for decentralized fundraising, or in other words ‘crowd sale’. Investors are allowed to make ICO token purchases while there is an ICO crowd sale as an organization investment method.

LBM Solutions is one of the leading ICO Token Development Services In India, that raises your opportunities for your project’s fundraising through ICO Development. We are actively involved in launching ICO Services for numerous startup companies and helped them raise millions of dollars successfully. So in this article, we will discuss the process for the development of ICO tokens, its benefits, and how to get investors for it!

Before, getting into the topic, come let’s study the types of ICO and how it works.

Types of ICOs

There are two types of ICOs that are listed below:

Public ICO

In a Public ICO, the general public investors can participate in the crowdfunding process. It is a democratized investment method since nearly anybody can contribute to the investment. But due to some regulatory affairs, Private ICOs seem to be a better viable option than Public ICOs.

The surge in blockchain technology & cryptocurrencies is boosting the ICO’s popularity. Over $7 billion dollars were raised in the year 2017 with ICO and the figures almost doubled the following year. The biggest ICO that was executed to date was by ‘Telegram’ which is a social media messaging application. It has been seen that a UK-based company raised approximately $1.7 billion during a Private ICO crowdfunding.

Working Process of ICO

The work process of an ICO is very sophisticated and demands deep technological, financial, and law knowledge. The idea of ICO is to leverage blockchain technology’s decentralized systems in crowdfunding activities that will bring various stakeholders together.

Investment Target Identification

Every Initial Coin Offering begins with the brand’s intention to raise funds. The brand finds its target audience to start crowdfunding campaigns and generate niche content about the brand to get potential investors.

Token Creation

After identifying the investment target in Initial Coin Offering, the next step is ‘token creation. Primarily, tokens represent utility or assets in the blockchain network. Tokens and cryptocurrencies are not the same since tokens are just modified versions of cryptocurrencies that are fungible and tradable. Contrary to stocks, tokens usually do not bring capital shares to a company, instead, most tokens offer stakes to their owners in a service or product made by the company. 

Tokens are built by using a particular blockchain platform protocol. The token creation process is comparatively easy since the company doesn’t have to do coding from scratch, unlike cryptocurrency creation. Rather, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum that are already existing blockchains operating over present cryptocurrency allow the creation of tokens with minimum coding modifications.

Promotional Campaigns

During this process, essentially a company would run promotional campaigns for viewers’ attention and gain potential investors. One point to be noted is that these campaigns are usually executed over various online platforms. However, many large social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google ban ICO-based advertisements.

Initial Offering

After the tokens are created, they are ready for issuance to the investors and this issuing process can be carried out in several rounds. The company is now ready to use ICO proceeds for a new service or product launch while the investors can hope to get benefit from it with the newly obtained tokens. They can also wait until the token’s value rises.

ICO Development Company

When it boils down to the team involved in a project, there is no such thing as a ‘thumb rule’ for the total number of people required on board. The aim here is not to hire as many people as you can, but rather to cover a large area of expertise required for the project to become successful. This involves web developers, PR and Marketing specialists, partners and initial investors, and the most important of all Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts.

Therefore, in the ICO industry, there is no ‘get-set-go’ rule as such. The competition is aggressive, time is nothing but an illusion, and the token’s value in the future is independent of everything but demand. LBM Solutions helps you in creating and deploying a successful ICO.

Thus, to help you navigate through this buzzkill madness, here is a fully-fledged catalog designed for launching your very own ICO successfully. We have listed the entire development process of ICO on your own.

 Business Plan Creation

Before creating ICO, first of all, you must have an idea of which development your token will be carried out. So, the actual development of the token will be done after the inspection and establishment of the idea. A comprehensive overview of your idea, project, and target place it must be announced among the major teams will decide where to get the potential investors from and the involvement of people in marketing and development. Thus, set your target market, which will decide the preparation of your business model.

Form A Dedicated ICO Team

After thorough planning and a summary of your project, you can figure out the exact number of people required for it. For a successful ICO launch, it requires a highly skilled developer team, strategists, and legal experts. ICO projects are typically full of hazards that need to be kept confidential. So for that, a trustworthy and reliable team is required.

Market Research

Before starting your own product development, similar ICO projects need to be researched to know why they succeeded and failed along with their approaches, masterplan, and policies. This will not only help you to get business insights but also what technologies, environment, and blockchain software to choose for a successful ICO project.

Whitepaper Creation

A Whitepaper is basically a research guide document containing all the project data and information which is the reason why its creation holds so much value for ICO projects. Here is the structure of the Whitepaper ICO document.

  • Product/Service Introduction
  • Product Concept & Idea
  • Business Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Technologies & Benefits
  • The Target Market Audience
  • ICO Development Stages
  • Tokenomics
  • The cost
  • Development Roadmap
  • Involvement of Expert Team
  • Legal Terms & Conditions
  • Summary
  • FAQs

Benefits of ICO

ICO is entirely a new concept in the financial and technological world. In recent years, it made a substantial influence on the fundraising processes ever since it got introduced. However, the global regulatory administrations weren’t prepared for such a great phenomenon of the newly found financial fundraising model.

Approaches toward the regulation of ICO vary from country to country. For instance, the Chinese and Korean governments have unauthorized ICO. But on the other hand, several European nations along with Canada and United States, are working on particular regulation development to control the ICO activities.

Concurrently, there are many guidelines controlling the conduct of ICOs already in several countries like New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Hong Kong, and a few others. Whatever may the reason be, everything runs short of the benefits ICO Development brings to the public. Here they are:

  • It brings extraordinary opportunities for the global investors
  • No involvement of third-party intermediaries or direct deals offering
  • Expected ROI (Return On Investment) is high along with token sales
  • No specific criteria are set for investors
  • The issued token/coin expansion ultimately leads to greater profits in the future.
  • Helps organizations to create digital currencies with token sales during initial fundraising stages.
  • ICO platform is open-source and is accessible to any investor.

Reasons To Choose Our ICO Token Development Services In India

As a profound ICO Token Development Services In India, LBM Solutions is the right place to get your ICO website established. Our developer team is experts in Blockchain Technology which allows us to bring a fully customized, stable, and optimizable ICO platform that suits our needs. We have highly-skilled experts who work with dedication to enable consultation service at every ICO stage.

Nowadays, the majority of business owners choose ICO fundraising mechanisms to develop investors’ interests. We will launch your Coins/Tokens successfully in a short period of time using Blockchain technology for our customers and take care of everything associated with it as well. ICO Token Development Services In India

We offer:

  • Quality Assessment
  • Skilled Blockchain Developers
  • Multiple Token Standards
  • Increased Security
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support


The steps given above on the process to start your own ICO Development Company are everything that you require for fundraising your project. But do remember the fact that it will be quite expensive since it will involve hiring computing experts and working with them, paying the ICO attorneys, and promotional and marketing campaigns. So, it’s better to be prepared with enough budget beforehand.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to working patiently with the development experts at every stage as they will decide what elements to be used and where. They will help to figure out the problems that require fixing before something bad happens! ICO Token Development Services In India

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