A Definitive Guide For White Label Crypto Wallet Development

White Label Crypto Wallet

White Label Crypto Wallet Development process to make a reputation in the digital economy.

After Bitcoin (BTC) got introduced to the public on 3rd January 2009 as the world’s first-ever cryptocurrency on the Blockchain network, it has revolutionized the entire blockchain industry. As a result, digital currencies got widely popular which gave rise to Decentralized Finance (De-Fi) system.

Correspondingly, crypto traders and investors need a secure place to store their digital assets. This process could be done by depositing the funds in the software or hardware wallets. Retail or commercial traders can also do fund transfering through P2P (peer-to-peer) transactions or token swapping and generate income easily.

 So, if you are a budding entrepreneur or owner of a startup company, then now is the right time to begin the White Label Crypto Wallet Development process to make a reputation in the digital economy.

Process of White Label Crypto Wallet Development

If you have made up your mind to launch your own crypto token or crypto wallet, it is always recommended to go for White Label Crypto Wallet Development method than starting everything from scratch. It makes the overall cost and development time lesser and easier. So here are the numerous process phase of crypto wallet development:

Choose Type:-

Decide whether your wallet development would be online or offline according to the needs of your business, investor’s preference, and target market. Most importantly, this choice can be made as per the security measures, features, and user-friendly interface (UI).

MVP Development

MVP or Minimum Viable Product Development is the process of including the basic hardware and software wallet functions into the prototype. This step fulfills the needs of both retail and institutional investors perfectly. 

➼ Coding

Advanced programming languages, web frameworks, and other software testing tools will be needed to develop a crypto wallet to ensure a highly secure environment for the traders while making any financial transaction with crypto money.

➼ Begin Testing

Relentless system testing is very crucial to eliminate the bugs & glitches entirely. Therefore, the investors protect their data and funds from any malicious hacking attacks, DDoS attacks, or phishing attacks.

Deploy Your Wallet Launching

After the hardware and software wallet testing has been executed, it’s time for the launch process in the market. Now the crypto traders and investors can manage their profiles without any bugs or glitches.

Important Specifications of Crypto Wallet

The aim must be to develop more than just a framework where coins can be held or moved for the crypto wallet’s support potential. Crypto wallets must also be able to execute a certain degree of service to promising customers along with an integrated management system on the website.

Here are some of the most important specifications that an ideal Crypto Wallet must have:

  • Support for Multi-Token or Multi-Cryptocurrency
  • User-friendly UI/UX design
  • Wallet BackUp
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • QR-code scanner support
  • Auto-cancellation of duplicate payments
  • List of past transactions and conversion rates
  • Push Notifications
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) support
  • Instant Swapping

Final Words

If you want to go ahead of your competitors in this billion-dollar Crypto economy, then commence your White Label Crypto Wallet Development by contacting LBM Solutions. Visit Us Now!


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